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Switchvox makes it easier and more affordable for your business to communicate. More than just a
business phone system, Switchvox is an award-winning IP PBX that delivers powerful Unified
Communications tools, mobility applications, and robust calling features. Even better, all features are
included for one, low price.
Change the Way Your Business Communicates
Switchvox Switchboard

The Switchboard is Switchvox’s powerful user productivity tool. This web-based application
gives each user on your system a birds-eye view into what is going on with your company’s
communications as well as desktop call control, chat, and access to your CRM, all in real
time. Though not required, Switchboard is included for every user with no additional license
Switchvox Switchboard
Completely Customizable for Every User

The Switchvox Switchboard is completely customizable for
each extension. So your receptionist, your customer
support rep, and your buyer can each have a different
Switchboard to do their job better and faster
Switchvox Apps

Not only does Switchvox give you hundreds of features within the Switchvox software, it also delivers
several apps that interact directly with some of your favorite desktop and web applications, like
Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome and more! As an added benefit, they are free for every user with no
additional licensing costs.
Switchvox Mobile

Switchvox Mobile gives mobile workers the freedom of being untethered
from their desk. Available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry,
Switchvox Mobile allows users on the go the ability to make calls from
their mobile device and their callers see their work caller id, keeping their
personal number private. Check your voicemail, activate your call rules,
touch-dial from the directory and more from this free Switchvox app,
included with every extension.
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Connect Your Offices

No longer do you need to worry about costly
long distance bills just to keep your internal
communication going. Move all your internal
voice traffic onto your existing network and
immediately save money. Switchvox Cloud
and Peered Switchvoxes allow you to treat
your many offices as one, centralized unit,
regardless of geography.
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